Casey – Obsession [SexArt]

Gorgeous blonde Casey unbuttons her pajama top and caresses her beautiful breasts, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Obsession” begins. Throwing back the bedcovers, she masturbates sensually, her arousal building to a climax. Ricky emerges from the shower and watches her appreciatively before joining her on the bed, kissing her and running his hands over her sexy body. He pulls off her pajama pants and nuzzles her fluffy bush as he eats her pussy, giving her another intense orgasm. Casey is still gasping and trembling as Ricky sinks his rigid cock into her drenched pussy, her legs hooked over his shoulders so he can drive deeper. She gazes into his eyes as he fucks her with powerful thrusts, giving her peak after peak of pleasure. They move into a seated cowgirl, Casey’s hips rocking and breasts bouncing as she rides her lover frenetically. Breathless and perspiring, they switch to a prone doggy position, slamming together until they orgasm in unison, Casey’s thighs and bush glazed with cum. They both need a shower now…

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