Casey – Rendezvous [X-art]

Jake is currently involved, but one look at Casey and he knew he had to have her. Before he could properly devise an action plan, he blurted out an invitation, asking her to go back to his place with him. Lucky for Jake (and us), she accepted the invitation 🙂 After receiving the particulars, she leaned over and whispered to him to go ahead and she would be there soon — as not to bring attention to the pair escaping together.Flash forward to Jake anxiously anticipating Casey’s arrival. As she finally enters, his fate is in her hands. Watch as Casey masterly sucks Jake’s cock before turning to sit on his lap and ride him until she orgasms. Then Jake gets behind her and fucks her sooooo good. This sex is HOT. Afterward, she leaves him (and you) dreaming of the next rendezvous.

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