Mary Rock, Marie Berger – Secret Dream [SexArt]

Gorgeous brunette Marie Berger gazes at the ocean, as Andrej Lupin’s passionate threesome movie “Secret Dream” begins. Her mind is full of erotic images as she imagines her wrists being bound by two hot lovers, Mary Rock and Mugur. They tie her to the headboard of her bed with nylon stockings, then suck her nipples, pull her strappy red panties aside and stroke her clit, making her squirm with arousal. Marie’s gasps turn to urgent cries as Mugur fingerbangs her to an intense orgasm; then Mary straddles her face, grinding her blonde-haired pussy on her tongue so they climax in unison…

Moving between Marie’s spread thighs, Mugur starts to fuck her with vigorous thrusts, driving her wild with pleasure. They turn her over, so she’s face down ass up, and Mugur offers his rigid cock to her mouth. She sucks it eagerly, lips stretched wide around the thick shaft as they slide all the way down to the root. Mary licks Marie’s pussy and ass, then fingers her until she orgasms again, moaning around Mugur’s cock. She masturbates as she pictures Mugur fucking Mary from behind; she is still restrained, and unable to do anything more than watch their bliss. Mary’s sweet kisses soothe her through the afterglow, before she finds herself alone again, her own sensual touch giving her one final orgasm. A sexy voiceover from Alexis Crystal brings Marie’s erotic thoughts to life…

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